The Philosophy of SHORT FILM MAKER

The Philosophy of SHORT FILM MAKER

By: Swork Studio
21 Feb 2024

Short films are good communication tools that corporates, brands and even movie makers with stories in hand can make to create awareness in their target market about their presence, their branding, their products and also to showcase to future investors the potential of their stories and plots. With the growth of the digital medium and technology, the market for Short Film Maker has also rapidly developed over these past few years. With YouTube and other such channels, it has been found that videos have been quite effective and deliver more than desired results.

The question is: how to become a successful short film maker? India is a land that boasts of creativity and artistic talents. With numerous production houses in India, how to know which is better than the other? Swork Studio is a recognized name in the industry and perhaps one of the best film production houses in India. Our performance stands apart from the rest because we deliver quality over quantity. Our story has been amazing from the beginning to the end and a role model for all aspiring short film makers.

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As a wannabe movie maker, if short films are what attract you, then here is the mantra for being successful.

  • Delve on the storyline. Since you have three minutes or less with you, your narrative needs to be grasping and powerful. If nothing else start with a music video.
  • Keep practising. As the adage goes, ‘practise makes a man perfect’. The initial few short films would be bad and make no sense. But they are good to get you started and get some hands-on training.
  • While not many starters would have the money or the connections to approach reputed film studios for their short films, one can start testing the waters by making couple of short films using a borrowed camcorder and uploading them online. Better the response, stronger will be your confidence and willpower.
  • Once you are sure that you have an audience and this is genre of film production that suits you, you can start approaching studios and production companies for bigger projects.