The Ultimate Secret of PANORAMIC VIEW

The Ultimate Secret of PANORAMIC VIEW

By: Swork Studio
15 Feb 2024

A Panoramic view is literally a bird’s eye view of a landscape, a place or a structure. Modern day photographers armed with the best and the finest photographic Equipments and gadgets are able to deliver such amazing perspective to the interiors too.

You would quite obviously ask – how can Panorama photography help me? Most real estate developers, realtors, interior designing firms, service industries like hotels etc. need to present and highlight their product offerings in the best possible manner and hence use panorama photos to narrate their brand story and services.

If you are planning to capture and use such high-resolution images onto your website and social media platforms, then the first thing to do is to engage a superior studio and photographer to do the work for you. One of the finest photographers in the town is Studio Studios who have done wonders in this particular genre of photography. We have not limited ourselves to covering natural panoramic views alone but also applied the rules to the field of architecture and interior photography. Our pride is our high-tech Equipments and highly experienced photographers with requisite skills and finest taste and feel.

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The secrets behind clicking the perfect panorama shoots are –

  • For wide photos, the ratio of the height to the width needs to be minimum 1:2 or 1:3.
  • In order to catch the perfect shot and obtain the best field of view. It is essential that the photographer takes a number of clicks and then use modern technology and computers to stitch the pictures together.
  • It is also possible to capture an entire scene or landscape using a panorama camera onto a single image. What will work best in your case needs to be decide by your experienced photographer and his team.
  • Composition and frames are two key elements of a panoramic picture.
  • Using particular types of lens the photographer can shoot high or low angles without causing the skyline to be curved and shifted.
  • Ensure that the light quality is give more importance in panoramic photoshoots. Also it is essential to harmonize colors and greyscales so create that majestic look and inspire emotions in the viewer.
  • In order to get the desire look and appeal of the image. It is get closer to the landscape or structure to be shot or use a longer focal for the effect.
  • Lastly use the panorama 360 camera where the smart camera pans 360 degrees to catch the entire view and then stitch the images seamlessly revolutionizing the concept of photography and user experience.