Famous Architectural Photographers – let your architecture shine

Famous Architectural Photographers – let your architecture shine

By: Swork Studio
24 Feb 2024

Hello everyone,

I hope you all are doing great while keeping yourself safe in this pandemic scenario. Today my blog is for the people who believe that- ‘Architecture is an art and so is capturing it’.


You guessed it right; this blog is for appreciating our architectural photographers who always find something interesting in ordinary space. You might be pondering over that why is this architectural photography so important?

What is so unique about it?

So many questions in your mind, that needs to be answer.

Before I start with the answers let me ask you a question.

Have you ever thought about how difficult is it to be a photographer? Trust me; it takes a lot of imagination to be a good photographer.

However, nowadays, everyone has a camera and everyone knows how to point and click, and, but for your business, that kind of photography probably won’t work. To represent your business in a way that customers, clients, and other professionals will find it impressive to be engage with what you have to offer them. Now, here it makes sense to use a professional architectural photographer to create high quality, striking photographs that truly represent your brand.

We all are ignorant about the fact that it’s a Famous Architectural Photographers who knows how to highlight the space, focus on aesthetics, and plays with the lightings in such a way that all the flaws can be concealed through the shadows created during capturing. Architectural photography involves balancing out the colour, beautifully exhibit the depth of the space, understanding the texture of flooring to be it of tiles, stones, or any other materials, and most importantly helps in forming a perception for the viewer. So, these professional architectural photographers are the true artists that are left hidden backstage.

Here is the list of few famous architectural photographers that you must be aware of:

SWORK STUDIO: Swork Studio is a Delhi based firm having mastery in architectural photography. They are well known for their professionalism and continuing innovation in photography solutions with the help of a vibrant and dynamic team of photographers and videographers. They create images that border on cutting edge, surreal and mesmerizing. The ideology behind every image that they capture is to convey the vision of the designer, to translate spatial dynamics into a photographic frame, and to showcase the project in its best possible manner.

STUDIO KUNAL BHATIA: Kunal Bhatia is a photographer, writer, and architect as well. He has photographed hundreds of projects as an architectural photographer across typologies, scales, and design languages.

FABIEN CHARUAU: Fabien Charuau has been based in India for the last so many years and is renown as a photographer working in the fields of Fashion, Interiors, and architectural photography.

RICKEN DESAI: Ricken is a renowned architecture photographer who believes in capturing the designs and details in all their structural glory. He is very creative, receptive, and not afraid to take a risk when it feels right. He always comes up with the most creative solutions for snapping some incredibly difficult photos.

HEMANT PATIL: Hemant is a photographer by profession in India. He holds expertise in architectural photography. He worked in many projects and has captured architecture, the interior design of commercial, industrial and residential spaces, exclusive resorts, and private living spaces.

UMANG SHAH: Umang Shah is an architecture photographer from Ahmedabad. He has diversified his spark into multiple genres but architectural photography has led him to understand the designer’s concepts and is now his forte. He captures stories in a way that does not leave the quirk out of the frame and keeps the belief of minimalism.



Last but not the least, the only thing that I would like to recommend to my readers is that you’ve spent your precious time and energy in creating a brand or setting up the business. So make sure to take the next step and hire a professional architectural photographer to create the visual representation of your expertise because an architectural photographer will show that you might miss out.