How to Win Clients and Influence Markets with Video Production Services

How to Win Clients and Influence Markets with Video Production Services

By: Swork Studio
23 Feb 2024

Images, pictures, Video Production Services and animations are flexible marketing tools that have the potential to turn even a non-performing brand to superheroes. The realization that the human brain is capable of processing visual information faster and better has made the entire marketing world go gung-ho on using these techniques to enhance their branding and positioning in the market. All this thanks to the digital revolution that has affected almost every industry and reached nooks and corner of the Earth.

Here are few interesting facts about the processing powers of the brain and impact of videos on human mind –

  • Visuals – images and videos – can be process by the human brain 60,000 times faster than textual content.
  • When a video is included in your website the chances of it getting a higher SEO rank increases by 53%.
  • Videos are shared 1200 % more than textual contents worldwide.
  • 83% of businesses are happy they invested in videos because it gave them good returns on investment in 2018.
  • In 2018, 63% businesses strategized and started to use videos on their sites as a marketing tool.
  • With a video on your landing page, conversions can increase by almost 80%.


In the last few years the market has witnessed the growth of many companies that claim to provide the best video production services. While many of them are doing credible work in this particular genre, only few are able to sustain themselves in the highly competitive market where technology upgradation happen every other day. Swork Studios is a leading video production company in the country based out of New Delhi. One of the premier movies companies to understand the worth of this tool, we convince our regular clientele to effectively use this medium to tap into a wider audience. Our spiralling growth is a case- study in itself.

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How can well-made videos influence your target market and bring you more business?

  • Video are more user friendly than textual content. They are easy to understand and comprehend because the human brain is made that ways. Their chances of being share are also higher as the above stats indicate. This means that a video on your site has the power to keep the visitor on your site for longer duration compared to written text. This time provides the right opportunity for your brand to showcase its products and services.
  • Even search engines like Google prefer websites that have videos. The ranking automatically increases. Hence it provides better opportunity for your brand to get top rankings on the SERP.
  • Videos are powerful because they can narrate stories that can impress the eyes and the ears of the viewer. With information that is target at your customers, you can use the medium to influence your online conversion rates.

Video Production Responsibility

Hiring a repute and reliable movie video production company ensures that your brand story will be narrate to the audience in the right manner. One very important aspect of video production services in modern times is that the production company needs to understand your requirement thoroughly before embarking on the work.